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Thursday, April 17, 2008


My oh my yes we are still alive what a crazy year it has been for the two of us. We moved into our new home on December 21st, just 2 days after 9 years of blissful marriage we finally have a home of our own and I LOVE it!! We were able to pick our lot and build from the ground up so every inch of our home down to the last detail we got to pick out.

But the truth to be told I have only lived in my home a total of 3 and a half weeks, I have been really quit sick and was in the hospital 57 straight days not something I would wish on anyone.

I am home know and I love it!! I really love my new jetted bath tub, in fact so much so my mom said my skin was going to dry out and Wade said we were going to have a crazy water bill, oh well I am making up for lost time!!!

I still have some boxes in the garage but for the most part were pretty much all organized, I just need to fill the baby. Well my quilting room is all decorated and Wade's media room is all furnished, and painted so I guess the important things are all set right!!

Here is a picture of our home. I'll have to post more later!! I hope everyone and their families are doing well, we send our love from Texas!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy November!!

Oh my can you believe November is already here, it is crazy how time just flies by so fast. The Holiday season has already begun. I love the Holidays all the fun get together’s and festivities that come along with it, just thinking about it makes me all excited.

So I know it has been along time since I have posted last, things have been crazy. This year was not one that brought along with it good health for me, so I am sure hoping that 2008 is my lucky year. I have had yet again another major surgery I was in the hospital for 2 straight weeks, came home for 4 days and was back to the good old Hospital for another 10 day stay, not a place I would recommend anyone visiting.

On top of the hospital stay and doctors visits, we close on our house December 21st. I am so EXCITED!! But there are so many things to do from know till then it's crazy, but in the end I can finally say "HOME SWEET HOME!!

This last weekend we had two lovely visitors Wades grandparents come to Texas, it was really great to see them and catch up. We also took a little day trip to Weatherford Texas out in the country to visit some of Wades relatives for a get together, it was such a beautiful day and reminded me of where I grew up out in the country with the bails of hay. We took a little walk and climbed the fence to walk threw the fields and through the pecan orchard, oh the day's of childhood all came back to me, I loved every minute.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action!!

My oh my, am I so happy the LIGHTS for our home are all picked out. Talk about a task in its self. We had to go through and pick out each and every light for our house, even the doorbell button. But we are Finished. I can't wait till they hang the lights now. They have really been moving along with our house, so hopefully by January we will be able to move in, this will be a great way to ring in the New Year.

I joked with Wade that I am going to take a picture of our house to hang in my hospital room this week, as I have to go in for another major surgery Tuesday, And I am going to show the doctor and tell him I have to get to feeling better to clean this baby.
Oh I have a list of things that I want to do when I start feeling better.

Travel with Wade to San Antonio,
Make some draperies for our new home
Take some cooking classes.
Go shopping at Canton (suppose to be a neat place to visit in Texas, for house stuff)
Take some hair training classes
Go to the big quilt show in Houston Texas.
Visit my Grandma in Washington State.
Run a Marathon...

These are just a few to mention. And I am going to check each and everyone off very SOON, as "God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it."

"There is no obstacle to great, no challenge too difficult, if we have faith."
Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We are so excited!!

Were so excited with the progress on our home, It is starting to feel real now. When it is an empty lot it is harder to picture your new home setting there one day.

We continue to love it here in Texas as yesterday was just beautiful Wade and I had a wonderful BBQ down by our pool last night as they had just put in a new Gas grill, so we are really enjoying this little treat, Grilling all sorts of Yummies.

Boy how summer flies by so fast can you believe Saturday will be the first of September, and with that brings Labor day a Long nice weekend. A wonderful time to relax and get in those BBQ's, Swimming pool visits, and hitting the malls for SALES while the weather is still beautiful.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Party is started!!

Wow talk about progress we went out to our lot last night and they had poured the foundation. When we went tonight to snap a shot of our newly poured pad, they had all ready framed the first floor, so by the weekend they should have the second story done. Boy we were surprised.

I am so excited I have already met allot of my new neighbors and they all seem really nice, and I love my beautiful country view and sunset.

( Sir King of his castle Wade!!)

(This is what our walk way will look like.)

This Sunday I decided to do a little baking. I have heard all about they famous sprinkles cupcakes so I decide to do a little test kitchen baking and try to recreate these expensive little jewels. Here in Dallas they sell for $3.25 per cupcake and no they are not huge they are normal cupcake size. One day Wade got a couple and tried them, and he told me he thought I could probley re-create these little goodies. They sell the mix at William Sonoma but that still is 15.00 for 24 cupcakes, so I found some of there famous little dots and then went to town making them the good old fashion way from scratch!! So Wade and some of our friends did the taste testing and said I hit a home run with this recipe, that it’s a keeper!! -They said my new name is little Mrs. Budget Gourmet!!

(Hey Lani and David (i.e. my brother and sister in law) if you come visit I will make you some of these Yummy treats, and if you decide to be my neighbor I promise to make it a weekly treat!!)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

We had a nice relaxing 4th of July. We were invited to some friends house and had a party, of course there was TONS of food, they did it Texas style, 10 time the food as people!!

Here is a picture of my lovely freedom Dip that I made. I had to make it festive with olives and tomatoes on top!! I had fun thinking of a way to make it nice and festive.

Then we went later in the evening to the to the Taste of Frisco and Freedom Fest. It was fun to walk around and check out all the neat festivities and Wade had to buy some famous Rudy's BBQ sauce and a Big black cherry snow cone.

The fire works we great and it was so (Texas) He HA like. Everyone was parked up on the lawn in their big Trucks setting on the roof, and the crickets chirping in the background. We had so much fun, and the Weather was so beautiful a Big change for once we have had so much flooding all around us.

I hope that you all had a Fabulous and Festive 4th of July!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

We're no longer homeless!!!!

Yes we have finally found a new home!! We can't wait it will take 8 months to be built but the long wait will be worth it. We were able to pick every single thing we wanted in the home.

For those of you have not heard our first home was a no go. We found out Mid December that they would have to do a major design change to our home to accommodate the new city code requirements for the two air conditioning units that they had to upgrade to fit in the attic. Those changes would require them to lower the vaulted ceilings from 14 feet to 9. This drastically would change the appearance of the entire upstairs so we decided not to go through with it, as did the other 2 people who were building the same floor plan in that neighborhood. So neat less to say they now have 3 homes for sale with no buyers, and we were out to find a new home.

I always say thing happen for a reason, because I love this home 20 times better, and not to mention it is allot nicer neighborhood as we had been in the area for 6 months so we were able to take our time and really scope every possibility out and believe me we did. I think we have been to through almost every neighborhood, and model/ spec homes here in Frisco, and even some in Plano.

I am so happy to be able to stay in our same ward. I just love our ward, and we have already developed so many close friendships it would be hard to change wards again.

I loved going to the design center I had a ball. They design consultant laughed as I brought fabric samples and magazine clippings with me. So here is a little sneak peak at some of my picks!! And Yes I got my hand scrapped hardwood floors in my whole downs stairs I am so excited!!

I just had to have this door I love it, and the light shines through it so beautifully at night!! And yes I love my flowers so I had to have shutters and a little flower box added to the outside.

I will have a new full time job starting upon move in and that is cleaning this baby!! So we will have lots of room for guests!! As you know it’s just us two peas’s in a pod out here in Texas!!

So the Top questions everyone asks are?
• How long till its done? About 8 months.
• What colors did you choose? The pictures are a little sneak peak, but for the BIG reveal you have to come visit!!
• How big is it? 5 bedrooms, 4 full baths, 3 garages, a study, media room, game room, and a tech center. (About 5,000 sq feet) I know just the 2 of you!, and NO I am not getting a dog, no animals in the house.
• Did you get a sewing room? Yes and it has a window seat!!
• What is you favorite room? Oh I don't no I love my kitchen and double ovens, my big utility room with cabinets and sink, and I have a huge pantry, I am so excited I will be able to see all my cans, and will have tons of room for food storage!! Oh and I almost forgot my closet!!!

I know I have not posted in a while and everyone’s next question is how are you feeling? The reason I saved this till last is you don't even want to go there!! My health is Crazy; I try not thinking about it. But here I go after 2 surgeries and 5 weeks post operation I started to have allot of pain in my stomach and it had a spot swell the size of a goose egg, neat less to say after being put back in the hospital, and being opened up with a mini in house operation they discovered it that the internal operation site was infected so I am now waiting for that to heal. And in the August time frame most likely will have to go in for another surgery to fix a problem that came up after the second surgery so lets just say I am on Baylor Dallas’s most preferred customer list!! Ha, Ha!! So my new song of the month is "Ain't nothing going to get me down oh know you got to keep on movin"!!

As for other that Dr.s visits what have we been up to? Wade has been traveling allot for work, He has been to Wichita falls, Hawaii, and North Carolina within the last month and a half, so he has been one traveling man. He was able to check out a few sites, and visit his Grandmother, aunt, and cousins in North Carolina where his family is originally from, that is why he is a die-hard Tar heels fan!!

I was so lucky to have my mom come stay with me two different weeks while Wade was out of town and I loved every minute, except when she had to go home, this is always the hard part as I miss her so much when she leaves, I really miss the rest of
My family that I have not seen in over a year as with the move and my health. I have also found a new Love!! Tailoring (sewing clothing!) I am hooked I have already made two skirts, and a shirt to match, and did some taking in of some other clothing now I am addicted.

Well I think in this one single post I tried to catch you all up on what we are up to, I know I need to post more often but sometimes life gets so crazy and I get so tired so early these days its not even funny. But in closing we love you all so very much and miss all our friends and family and cherish all the moments and memories we share. So remember each day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending so Dance to the song of life!!